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Chernobyl aid
Chernobyl aid
Chernobyl aid
Chernobyl aid
Chernobyl aid
Chernobyl aid

UK-Aid is an Essex-based charity whose aim is to help sick and under privileged children.

In particular, the charity supports the children and families still suffering from the 1986 Chernobyl disaster.

How do UK-Aid help?

We help in two ways – Fund raising to enable sick and disabled children to receive specialist treatment and delivering vital humanitarian aid to needy families.

1.Delivering Humanitarian Aid

Our main work is to deliver Humanitarian Aid

  • We apply to various groups and individuals, including businesses, schools and churches, for aid such as clothes, children’s shoes, medical items and sanitary products
  • Every eight months, we load an articulated lorry with 12 tonnes of sorted donations.
  • The journey is 1,700 miles passing through France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Poland and Ukraine taking four days.  This costs the charity a minimum of £3,000 per trip and is funded solely through people’s generosity
  • Since 2001, we have delivered 340,000 kg of aid to the Revival Centre in Ukraine for distribution to needy families and 24 other organisations including hospitals and orphanages.
  • Due to the increased volume of aid donations, EU Regulation changes and Covid-19 restrictions, in 2021 we upgraded our system of delivery from taking the aid using our vans and volunteer drivers, to hiring a 40 foot articulated lorry.

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Since its’ inception in 1996, the Revival Centre has treated over 27,000 children.

We support the Revival Centre ( which was established in 1996 in the town of Chernihiv, and treats sick and disabled children, especially those genetically affected by the Chernobyl disaster. It is now recognised as a centre of excellence by UNICEF.

Run by Dr Vasil Pasichnik and his staff, a team of specialist paediatricians and psychologists design specific programs of rehabilitation, including medical and psychological treatment, for over 2000 children each year. These children have wide ranging disabilities and illnesses.

The course of treatment is for 21 days at a cost of £220.00 per child. This includes food and accommodation during their stay, and all treatment costs.

How can you help?

Please volunteer


Volunteering is a rewarding and positive way to spend any spare time you may have and we’re always in need of people to help. Read more >>>

Please donate


We rely heavily on the donations of vital supplies we receive from our supporters. Read more >>>

Please sponsor


Any help your business can give us to raise funds and awareness would be very much appreciated. Read more >>>

Please fundraise for us


We really do appreciate the support of all our fundraisers who help us. Read more >>>

Please give


The smallest amount can make a big difference to the Centre and the families it supports. Read more >>>


Sponsor a Pallet of Much Needed Food

Just £450 buys a Pallet

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