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6th June 2023

Dear Pauline and Alan,

At the end of last week, you had the opportunity to see photos of our children at a festive event for International Children’s Day. You saw our children happy, and their parents, grandparents were happy to see their happy faces! And this proves that our Centre successfully fulfills its mission – rehabilitation of children with health problems.

And now, as promised, I want to report to you what help, thanks to you, our dear benefactors, our organization provided during the year 2022 and for 4 months of the current year, immediately after the end of hostilities in Chernihiv Oblast.

You received information about the work of the Centre during the siege of the city of Chernihiv last year.

Financial assistance in the reporting period came from the families of Chris and Priscilla, George and Marion, Alan and Pauline, Victor and Beverly Kubik, as well as from Dr. Shu Hua Shi from Taiwan together with Lily Wang (Netherlands), Honored Artist of Ukraine Ihor Sayenko.

The total amount of financial assistance received was 6.5 million hryvnias, which was used as follows:

– For vouchers for the rehabilitation of children with disabilities – UAH 1.3 million;

– Families for partial restoration of housing lost or damaged as a result of bombings; families raising children with disabilities; large families whose parents died defending Ukraine – a total of financial assistance in the amount of 1.4 million hryvnias. 191 families received;

– UAH 2.1 million. used for the purchase of rehabilitation equipment, a generator; for the woodwork shop the 3D technology printer, a pedagogical correction office was opened and equipped, a new dental chair was purchased. In order to provide the Centre with drinking water in case of a special situation, a deep-water well was drilled. Other urgent works to ensure the Centre’s activities were also carried out.

The funds were also used for the salaries of the humanitarian aid registration manager, accountant, storekeeper, and driver.

The total expenses of the organization in the reporting period amounted to UAH 5.3 million.

50 children from the border regions of Chernihiv Oblast, who are under constant shelling, had the opportunity to get rest in Zakarpattia during the 2 summer months of 2022 (the funds for their vacation were transferred by Viktor Kubyk to the sanatorium).

In the reporting period, the “Revival” Centre received humanitarian aid cargoes with a total weight of 34.4 tons (14.4 tons during 2022, almost 20 tons at the beginning of March 2023).

The cargoes came from charitable organizations:

“Felsted Aid for Deprived Children”, Great Britain (leaders Alan HILLIAR and Pauline CRAVEN) – 3 loads;

BRITISH HUMANITARIAN AID, Great Britain (from George and Marion MILLS) – 2 loads

Religious community of Christians of the Evangelical Pentecostal faith “Church of the Living God” – 1 load

“Telecoms Eastern European Challenge”, Great Britain (led by Robin BROWN) together with the organization “FELSTED Aid for Deprived Children”. – 1 cargo.

Humanitarian aid was received by 17 institutions and public organizations, namely: Chernihiv Medical Centre of Modern Oncology, Maternity Hospital, City Territorial Centre of Social Services (provision of social services), Centre for Social Adaptation of the Homeless, Chernihiv Football Club for Children, City Social Centre services, public organization “Step to Animals”, others.

Gift sets, which include toys, clothes, school supplies, sweets, etc., were prepared for children for state and religious holidays from the humanitarian aid.

787 families received humanitarian aid goods (377 in 2022, 410 in 2023), including 342 families that suffered from russian aggression in Ukraine; 263 – families raising children with disabilities, 37 families with babies, 103 – low-income families, as well as internally displaced persons, seriously ill people, families of “Revival” workers, etc.

Our dear friends, unfortunately, the full-scale war continues… Food, medicine, other necessary things are becoming more expensive. More and more families are becoming socially incapable, are below the poverty line, so they need our help and support. Joining efforts, doing good, useful things is extremely important for us. And kindness, sensitivity and mutual support help to fight any challenges! Therefore, we are ready to continue to work with you on the implementation of joint projects and support people in this difficult time for our country. Together we are strong! Together to victory!

With love and gratitude,

Vasyl, Natalia and everyone at the “Revival” Centre

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