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Helping Zambia at The Mumba Children's Project

By Admin
Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Helping Zambia at The Mumba Children's Project

Although we have been giving aid to Ukraine for the past 20 years and still continue to do so we were approached in December 2018 for help for the children of Zambia at The Mumba Children's Project. We were happy to provide approximately 2500 kilos of mixed aid which finally arrived in August 2019.

We were delighted to receive this Email and images

Dear Pauline thought I should give you an update and an apology for taking  long in updating you
Reasons being:
Challenging internet connection
Container only arrived 3weeks ago and it’s been a tedious job getting everything in order and distributing
I am pleased to inform you that Mpongwe Mission hospital and Bwembelelo Healthcare centre-received the lovely toys baby dolls and cars for the hospital’s children’s ward.
Bwembelelo healthcare centre received children’s clothes we are trying to encourage people to use the newly opened centre which opened in March so every mother that goes there after they have delivered at the hospital then they are given children’s clothes.
Arthur Davison’s Children’s hospital were in dire need of toys for the play rooms for each and their prayers seemed to have been answered when we arrived with the toys. You will be pleased to know the toiletries were given to each ill child and the mother.
The Cancer Disease hospital will be our next recipient delivery will be done on the 9th of September and the general children’s ward photos to follow.
Kindly see the attached photos for your record full report when I return to the UK after the 11th September 2019.
Your contribution has been greatly received and really appreciated.
Many thanks
Hildah Mulenga

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