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Letter from Revival Centre, Chernihiv Ukraine

Dear Alan and Pauline and all the Volunteers

I hope this letter finds you well amidst the challenges we face here in Chernihiv. As the Director of the Rehabilitation Centre for Children with Disabilities “Revival”, I am immensely grateful for your unwavering support and high-quality aid during these trying times. Your dedication in providing essential aid for the children has made an indelible impact on their lives, offering them hope and a sense of comfort in these turbulent circumstances.

Your generosity in supplying clothes, food, sanitary and various necessities has been a lifeline for vulnerable people of the whole region. I want to take a moment to express an additional need that has emerged in light of recent developments.

As our community faces unprecedented challenges, we’ve noticed that clothing for adults is as crucial as clothing for children. The demand for essential items for individuals of all ages has become increasingly apparent. While I express this need, I do so with immense gratitude for your past and ongoing support. Your efforts have truly been commendable, and we deeply appreciate your dedication to maintaining high standards in the aid you provide.

As we move forward, I kindly ask for your continued support in ensuring that our assistance covers the needs of both children and adults alike. Your unwavering commitment has touched the lives of many in our community, instilling hope and resilience during these trying times. Your generosity is a beacon of light in the midst of darkness, and we are profoundly grateful for your compassion and support.

With heartfelt thanks & warm regards,

Vasyl Pasichnyk - Director of Rehabilitation Centre “Revival” for Children with Disabilities
Chernihiv, Ukraine