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Although we have been giving aid to Ukraine for the past 20 years and still continue to do so we were approached in December 2018 for help for the children of Zambia at The Mumba Children’s Project. We were happy to provide approximately 2500 kilos of mixed aid which finally arrived in August 2019.

We have been delighted to receive this feedback

Mumba Children’s Project is sincerely grateful for the donated effects that were generously given to us by Children’s Aid in Felsted, UK-Aid. The goods were transported to Zambia in a 40foot container which contained disabled equipment too. These goods were given to Mpongwe Mission Hospital, Bwembelelo Healthcare’s Centre (newly built with minimal equipment), Ndola central Teaching hospital, Arthur Davison’s Children’s hospital, Cancer Diaease hospital Children’s Ward, Face of A Child Of Ndola and members of the community in Mpongwe

Mpongwe Mission hospital received 40pairs Of sheets and pillow slips, plenty of toys to give to the sick children and to leave some for the play area.

Single underprivileged mothers in Mpongwe rural area received baby buggies, children’s clothes and toys and we left some for the Mumba Day Care centre to be used by the children there. The children’s chairs, tables were left for the Mumba centre.

Face of the child of Ndola who also look after orphaned children and or underprivileged were recipients of Pots and two big bowls, a box of coffee mugs, books, toys, pens and pencils

Arthur Davison’s Children’s hospital have created children’s play areas in each ward and every child and their mothers received the toiletries which consisted of mini toothpastes and tooth brushes and shower gels and soaps were given to their parents. The Senior Medical Superintendent had that morning been talking about creating play areas to let the sick children play in but he didn’t know where he was going to get the toys for the play areas when that afternoon we arrived with toys and he said his prayers were answered.

Equally the Cancer Disease hospital were thrilled to receive toys for their young Cancer patients.

Your contribution has been greatly received and really appreciated.

Many thanks Hildah Mulenga.

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