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Below is an email we received from The Hanne Howard Fund in Kenya

Dear Alan

Hoping this finds you all well at UK Aid. We are all fine at HHF in Nairobi, with all the kids busy in their schools.

We are writing to thank you for the supplies you sent to us through Charles on his recent visit to Kenya. The items you brought to us are so invaluable, as they will do us a great favor in our art and crafts activities and kids’ school activities. It is very encouraging to know that you supported us in good faith without having met us before.

Everyone looks forward to seeing you sometime soon if time permits, and we are all very thankful to have caring people like you.

Kind regards and hugs from all,

Isaiah Kirieri Njuguna.

The Hanne Howard Fund in Kenya

Pictures of some aid that was delivered, please click an image to enlarge

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