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An update on the latest trip for October 2023

Alan has just returned from the latest trip to Ukraine carrying approximately 25tonnes of aid consisting of 14tonnes of food. We paid £4.000 for 8 pallets of food paid for by generous members of the public for which the Ukrainian people are very grateful.

We took medical aid and a huge amount of walking aids.

We have had a request for Levothyroxine and Rovastatin for Dr P and a lady employee at the Centre who has had her thyroid glands removed .Can anyone help to source these please.

The road trip went well with only1 puncture. The 3 vans were left sitting for 4 hours at the car/van crossing for Poland/Ukraine and the lorries 10 hours at the regulated lorry border.However, coming back Ukraine/Polish border was 2 hours 10 minutes which was very good for the vans, HOWEVER, the 2 lorries sat at their border crossing for 50 HOURS as they would only process 6 lorries per hour. At one time they were number 86 in the queue.

We would like to thank all the people who have contributed to this successful trip and who have contributed so much in many ways..

Bless you all.
Kind regards
Alan and Pauline

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