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Dear Pauline and Alan,

We sincerely thank you for the delivered humanitarian aid goods and for the great work of your well-coordinated team!  We thank you very, very, very much for such necessary and high-quality help!

Natasha, in turn, together with her assistants, counted the delivered goods and entered the data into the accounting.  We will use a significant part of the delivered aid to create gift sets for children for the International Day of People with Disabilities (December 3), Saint Nicholas Day (December 19).  In Ukraine, St. Nicholas’ Day is a special day when polite children wake up and find gifts under their pillows.  We will welcome them in the music hall.  And there will be Christmas and New Year holidays – we plan to reach 400 children with gifts.

We will also provide assistance on the basis of personal appeals to socially disadvantaged families and other people in a difficult situation.  Our employees will also receive help, for which we are also sincerely grateful to you.

The war in Ukraine has entered a very difficult phase.  Terrorist PUTIN bombards power plants and other objects of life support of the population with rockets, drones – kamikaze, leaving people without light and heat.  Thus, he wants to force our President to capitulate.  Putin suffers a defeat at the front, so he introduced terror against the population – children and adults die.  Western countries are late in providing air defense equipment.

We are very pleased that your new Prime Minister assured that he will help Ukraine and made the first international call to our President.

And for the future.  If you have the opportunity to help us again, I can recommend a Ukrainian trucking company that has been working in Europe for a long time and, most importantly, can deliver the cargo to us to Chernihiv.  There will be fewer problems for you and for us.

We hope for victory and our meeting in the future.

With love and gratitude,

Vasyl, Natalia, everyone in the “Revival” Centre xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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