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Hello, Alan!

Our trip ended very well – there were no problem at the border at all.

On 30th of June our guys drove to Nikolayev to deliver the humanitarian aid you had supplied us with. The situation is unbearable in the city. It`s under constant bombing. The life for people is extremely hard there. But they don`t lose heart. And we are doing everything possible and impossible to support them.

Our boys also had a meeting with our solders in the trenches and delivered them humanitarian assistance in the form of wet napkins, hygiene products, sleeping bags, torches and bug sprays. They are endlessly grateful!

On 1st of July there was a massive fire missiles in small town Sergeevka. The rocket hit the 9-floors block of flats. One part of it was destroyed to the ground. 36 people are in very bad condition, 21 people died. Some of them were children. The town is 10 km from our Belgorod-Dnestrovskiy. Our organization together with other volunteers provided help to the sufferers.

So there is a brief story about the situation in our location at the moment. But we`re still standing. Everything is going to be fine. We believe in that!

Thank you very much, Alan, for your kind heart and your attention to our grief. We promise to keep in touch and write you about everything.

We attached a link to our Facebook account where you can see all the information about our organization and about our work there.Акерман-450-110486661702564

With sincere gratitude and respect, Katerina and Viktoria

Aid to Ukraine in July

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