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Dear friends

Today is the 11th day of the war of the heroic struggle of our people against the Russian fascist. They were  confident that in two days they would be able to force Ukraine to capitulate.  Even the leaders of the great countries of the free world assumed the same.  The heroism of our military, the territorial defense of each city successfully thwarted these plans.  Statistics for 9 days of war: killed and wounded more than 10,000 Russian soldiers, neutralized 279 tanks, 945 armored vehicles, more than 200 artillery mines, 44 aircraft, 48 helicopters, and many other.

About the Revival.  The center now has 36 employees who provide assistance to 73 people, including 29 children, 4 children and their mothers were transferred from the maternity hospital, now they are  9-10 days old, all others are psychoneurological, there are adults with disabilities, others.  There are three specialists working at the food unit.  The men guard the center around the clock because there are cases of looting in the city.  Natalia and I are constantly in the center, we have established contacts with volunteer organizations and they help with food and diapers for newborns and others.  At your expense, we provided the purchase of a generator in case of power outages.  Paid 150,000 hryvnias.  It is cheaper because it costs 200,000.

Chernihiv is ready for street battles, all the streets are covered with iron hedgehogs, cut down trees, large piles of rubber tires from cars.  People who have experience in military service are ready to repel territorial defense fighters everywhere.  The enemy is using genocide against the civilian population – bombed kindergartens, schools, dental clinics, administrative buildings, oil depots.  The most tragic thing is that 47 people died under the rubble of a high-rise, only under the rubble of 1 skyscraper, 18 injured rescuers pulled out from under the rubble.  Many private homes were destroyed where there was fighting.  Unfortunately, our employee, a wonderful accountant for humanitarian aid, zoo volunteer Natasha, died in such a house.  Our fighters destroyed many tanks on the outskirts of Chernihiv 1 1 kilometers from Chernihiv and 1 near the center.  Yesterday they shot down an attack aircraft and captured one of the pilots who had once fought in Syria and now bombing civilians.  Also in the Chernihiv region, a sniper killed 1 general, 1 colonel, and captured a detachment of scouts.  Now Chernihiv is under siege like many other large cities of Ukraine.  The goal of the enemy is to capture Kyiv and Kharkiv, destroy the President, our government and put a puppet government in power, but we cannot be defeated because our armed forces, many people with military experience and even without it, are fighting heroically. 

We are sincerely grateful to you, the United Kingdom and other countries that are helping Ukraine.  That your state has provided Ukraine with the latest protective weapons, your instructors have taught us to use them.  It is very good that the whole democratic world has adopted strong sanctions against Russia and practically isolated Russia from the world, the economy is falling.  We hope and believe in victory and that we will meet.  Natalia and I are writing you a letter, and explosions can be heard around the shots.

We love and respect you.  Vasily Natalia and all our employees.

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