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Monday, April 14, 2014

Happy Easter.

Just attching our Smile Report which we hope you enjoy. Below is an email from Dr P today asking for supplies additional to goods we normally take out. Our next trip is in July, Mr Putin willing! If you can help with any of the goods please let us know.

All our good wishes.
Alan and Pauline


Dear Pauline and Alan
Please accept our congratulations on Easter holiday and wish health and happiness. Christ is Risen!
We appreciate that your together with us are worried about Ukraine. We very much hope that the international community will force Putin to abandon further aggression.
The Center 's okay. Our problems, you know , but we are trying for sick children not to feel it and organize everything for them at a good level . Children with parents are happy.
We ask you, please, if possible, in the next humanitarian load to bring aid for teachers, Zoe and others:
1. Paper (A - 1 A - 3 A - 4)
2. Bilateral colored paper
3. Cardboard color white
4. Paper - A - 4 thick
5. Glue (a lot) of PVA glue - pencil
6. Folders
7. Transparent Files
8. Punches
9. Staplers and staples for them
10. Notebooks A - 4 thick, in a carton cover
11. Plasticine colored
12. Sets for children's creativity
- mosaic
- beads
- Buttons, needles, paper clips, etc.
13. Brushes for paint and glue
14. Stands for pencils
15. Adhesive paper records
16. Colored markers
17. Didactic materials for the development of fine motor skills
18. Lining for working with plasticine and for drawing
19. Garbage bags 60 l
20. Rubber gloves for household
21. Cleaners for toilets and tablets for toilets
22. Nappies for children of different ages for adults
23. Colostomy bags

With love and thanks
Dr. P., Dr. Natalia


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