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Friday, November 4, 2016

Dear Alan and Pauline,

Today we've got money from you - 1192 pounds which were donated by lou for the family of 10 children. Before you sent us an e-mail from her where she said that hoping that her small monthly gift will help them a little and she would like to think that they could all have a 'treat' once in a while. We would like to make it clear for ourselves: should we give them all this money in one go or monthly, the same as we were doing for Nastia Laletina (maybe about 2-3 thousand per month).

The new building is going on very well, sometimes the weather interferes: snow or rain. In a week there is a forecast for the frost then the building will slow down. The builders must finish the walls till the end of the year and will be able to do the interrior works inside the building. hope they will manage to do everything!

It was a real nice suprise when Angela came. in spite of the fact that she had her own programme, she managed to pay a visit to the Centre and been to the craft room. Everybody was happy and children as well.

You know that we are celebrating different holidays during the year, it influences childrens' mood and also helps in rehabilitation process. let me repit once again that we are celebrating such holidays and prepare presents for children:
-new Year and Christmas holidays (from December 25 till January 7) - 400-480 children receive presents
-international Day of Childrens' Protection. - June 1 - 400-480 children receive presents
-International day of Protection of Disabled People - December 3 - 350-400 children receive presents
-st. Nikolas Day - December, 18 - 250-300 children receive presents

Besides every year we have an action "Firstgrader", for the children from the Centre and orphans - about 60-70 children, for them we prepare schoolbags with different kinds of school stationary.
The presents have not only sweets but the most important and accential help - goods from humanitarion load, because people are very poor.

From November, 1 there was a rise in prices for gas, fuel, food...and the salaries are minimal.

So we are very grateful to you for doing such a wonderful and honorable job and supporting our people.

With love and thanks
Dr. P., Dr. Natalia


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