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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

We are just off on our third trip this year to Ukraine. We have been having a really difficult time with the Ukrainian Customs. The Ukraine International border crossing is not too bad they just want to see our papers are in order. The problems now start with the local Chernihev customs. The Tax Department has taken over the humanitarian aid section and they are a new broom sweeping clean. They want expiry dates on all sanitary goods (some things eg shampoo don't always have them). Fumigation certificates on clothing. For us to count everything ie 1500 pens. It has been a lot of extra hard work to undo and repack all our boxes.

On our last trip in July we met a young girl aged 9 who had had an operation on her eye which sadly was not successful and she had to have her eye removed and a glass one fitted. We were able to pay for her to go to Kiev to have a prosthetic eye which will move and look just like a real eye. The new building at the Centre which will sleep an extra 30 children plus an adult is finished but unable to open as there was no hot water as the boiler had failed.We were able to pay for a new boiler.

We would like to thank all our supporters for another successful year. As with every other charity funds are tight but we are lucky and don't have any wages bills or rent to pay for our warehouse and two 40' trailers for storage for which we are extremely grateful and our office is at home Our next trip will be in April 2014

Alan and Pauline

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