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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

SOME FEED BACK FROM OUR RECENT TRIP - Thank you again to our supporters.

Dear Pauline and Alan,

We are very pleased that you and all your delegation were staying with us.

Yesterday together with a representative of the customs the warehouse was opened and we made recalculation of the delivered humanitarian aid. Clothes, shoes, sanitation, all are of very high quality. Thank you! It will give children not only help, but also a real pleasure and joy!

Congratulations with the birth of the Prince heir to the throne. On TV we watched joy in Britain on the occasion of this event.

Look forward to seeing you in Autumn.

With gratitude,

Dr. P., Dr. Natalia xxx xxx

Veronique pictured here with Dr Natalia went into hospital for an operation on her eye. Unfortunately the operation went wrong when she caught a bad infection and they had to remove her eye.
She presently has a glass eye, but Dr Natalia asked if we could pay for her to have a prosthetic eye.This we have done, thanks to our supporters, plus we paid her train fare down to Kiev for the fitting.
















Vitaliy now has his new batteries for his wheelchair which came just in time as the old ones had run out. He is now able to manoeuvre his Ferrari around the family flat at high speed as before!. 


"Thank you so much to the knitting circles for all their hard work. The children really appreciate their gifts".





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