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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

news articleFrom 20 to 26 March at the Center for Rehabilitation of Disabled Children "Revival" were benefactors of the United Kingdom. This time the humanitarian aid was accompanied by Alan Hilliar - Head of charity "Felsted Aid for Deprived children" and his faithful assistants, Angela, Edgar, Graham and Phil who already have extensive experience assisting socially vulnerable people and has long been volunteering in the team of Alan and his wife Pauline. So, Angela - previously worked with Pauline at the airport, where she began her charities. Phil - worked a lifetime as a minder of the old sick people. Edgar and Graham - both worked at Anglia Ruskin University as professors of engineering; Graham - building engineering, Edgar - computer engineering. Importantly, Edgar is a traveler, Ukraine was his 77-th country which he visited. Graham - at Ruskin University in England for more than 15 years has been in the mission "Croatia", now - mission "Ukraine". He will accompany the students - volunteers from Anglia Ruskin University, arriving in Chernigov in June.

Together with partner organization "Felsted Aid for Deprived children" in the UK, these people provide collection and delivery of humanitarian aid to the Centre. Deliver mostly clothing and shoes, hygiene products, medical products and rehabilitation applications, appliances. They always provide Humanitarian aid in the necessary quantities. An important and expensive part of the charity's mission is the delivery of the goods to the destination. The route to Chernigov is thousands of miles away. It is important that all drivers pay for their own fuel, repairs cars overnight and other costs associated with the trip to Ukraine and back. This is not a small amount of money.

Traditional meeting of our foreign friends with the children was at the music hall of the Centre. Children with excitement were expecting this and prepared a wonderful concert, as always, impressed the audience. Sincere songs and dances performed by pupils of the Centre gave a joyful mood, creating an atmosphere of conviviality and originality.

The audience warmly greeted English friends for 20 years helping the Centre to fulfill its mission - to provide free services and rehabilitation to children with disabilities of Chernigov. During the meeting with words of sincere gratitude for the great task that serve British charities, appealed the Director of Social Welfare Oleg Rusin. He noted that the Regional Center is one of the best institutions not only in Ukraine, but also abroad. High-quality rehabilitation services, the European approach of services, qualified team of professionals, strong and modern material base distinguish it among others. And it is - thanks to the efforts of many different charities, for whom Charity is the meaning of life, not instant impulse. He thanked parents and the staff for their dedicated work, patience and love.

In conclusion, the children gave guests the souvenirs. In turn, the British friends gave all children sweet Easter gifts - toy chicken, in which are hidden chocolate eggs.

The stay of English friends was very busy and dynamic: in addition to meetings with children at the Center, they visited many families with seriously ill children. Asked about urgent problems of the Center, which matured since their last visit, and have partially solved some of them.

According to the British philanthropists "Philanthropy - is a daily work and care for socially vulnerable people - this is a top priority of their work." Finding the optimal ways, means, methods for successful adaptation and integration of children with disabilities into society -is  a task that for 20 years they are helping to solve our rehabilitation Center for disabled children overseas friends. For them, it is important to fill the black and white world of "special child" bright and light tones full of life. And also - their work is an example of charity for every Ukrainian of how to do good.

Chornaya S.M., Deputy Director of the Regional Centre Of Social Rehabilitation of Disabled Children

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