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Monday, May 28, 2012

PMI impresses Ukrainian visitors

“Thanks to you I had the opportunity to learn about the newest world technologies that are implemented at your university. I am impressed! Thank you! Also grateful for your interest in the problems of children in Ukraine affected by Chernobyl disaster. We hope to meet you at the Center in August this year”.

These are the words of Dr Vasiliy Ivanovich Pasichnyk (Dr. P), Director of ‘Revival’ Centre, a rehabilitation centre in Ukraine for disabled children with complex medical conditions that have resulted from the Chernobyl disaster 25 years ago. Dr. P and his wife, Dr. Natalia, founded the centre in 1995, and now head up a staff of 112 trained staff including Paediatricians, Psychologists, Therapists, Dentists and many others who design programmes of rehabilitation for the affected children.

Dr P, who speaks no English, was accompanied by his translator and members of UK-Aid, a local charity started by Alan Hilliar and Pauline Craven and based out of Braintree that has been working since 2003 to support Dr. P’s work. Alan and Pauline met me (Rev Tony Cant, the Chaplain at Chelmsford) after they’d heard about Mission Croatia and wondered if our University might be interested in doing something in partnership with them.

Their visit to our University in early May this year was hosted by the Secretary & Clerk, Steve Bennett (also a passionate supporter of Mission Croatia) and me, and they met senior members of our FHSCE to be shown around the Faculty and the PMI, and talk about where there might be natural potential partnerships. Dr. P also gave a presentation that showed the context of his work, detailed the problems they face – including new cancers no-one has ever seen before – and gave an overview of how they approach their work.

As a result, I will be making a short visit to Dr. P’s centre with Jan Hancock in August, with a view to setting up a small pilot project to take some students out there to work in the summer of 2013. The idea is that we hope to advertise the opportunity to students during September 2012, so please keep an eye out for publicity.

This trip, along with Mission Croatia – and hopefully other international trips – will be part of a new initiative of our University called ICE: International Community Experience. ICE is all about finding meaningful opportunities for our students, staff, and alumni to be part of International projects aimed at helping others in developing countries, which may lead to further research and training opportunities. ICE is headed by me, and steered by a small committee of senior staff.

If you’re interested in being part of an ICE project, please contact me, the Chaplain at Chelmsford, Rev Tony Cant on ext 7722, or

Rev Tony Cant

FHSCE_1_Grp: left to right:
Prof Athur Hibble (PMI), Rev Tony Cant, Svetlana Vasilivna Ponomarenko (translator), Prof John Kinnear (PMI), Dr James Hampton-Till (PMI), Alan Hilliar and Pauline Craven (UK-Aid), Dr Vasiliy Ivanovich Pasichnyk(Dr. P), Jan Hancock, Prof David Humber Dean FHSCE), Sharon Rodie (FHSCE Social Work Pathway Leader), Steve Bennett (Sec & Clerk).



Dr P: left to right:
Rev Tony Cant, Dr Vasiliy Ivanovich Pasichnyk (Dr. P), Jan Hancock 

Felsted Aid Dr P

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