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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

"I'm going back to my home with the desire to make more for children of Chernigov" - says the English philanthropist Pauline Сraven.

PaulineShe always friendly smiles. For several years of our acquaintance I see this sincere lady Pauline

Craven only with a smile on her face. And how warm glowing her eyes, when she embraces young patients of the Center for Social rehabilitation of children. For 20 years, Mrs. Pauline constantly supports the rehabilitation institution bringing charitable assistance across borders of several European countries. Center's Director Vasyl Pasichnyk with particular appreciation emphasizes vigorous participation of this woman in formation of rehabilitation process at a high level. As Alan Hilliar, because the couple has become reliable friends and assistants for the team of Chernihiv rehabilitators. With this Vasyl Ivanovych focuses on fairly solid date - 20 years!

Here is what Pauline says about it:

-In 1994 I was delivering humanitarian aid to Yugoslavia. It was there when I saw the 20-minute documentary film about Chernobyl children from Chernihiv. It was called "The Forgotten Children of Chernobyl". I was struck by what I saw. Our colleague George Mills from charity "British help for deprived children" went to Ukraine to see himself that disability of children after the Chernobyl disaster is growing and they need special participation. That's when we decided to take after Yugoslavia new project. All worked very hard, and already in 1995, the first humanitarian convoy of 16 trucks with 28 volunteers arrived to Chernihiv. And in some time I met Alan Hilliar, who was very interested in our Charity and willingly joined us.

Several years passed and Pauline with Alan began to work independently towards humanitarian aid for the "Revival" Center, creating a charitable organization. And in 2003 they've brought humanitarian aid under new Charity.

They delivered and transported to the Rehabilitation Centre all, what was needed - furniture primarily for staffing classrooms for classes with children and rooms for accommodation of parents with children, linens, household sanitation and body care, clothing and footwear, various toys which fully ensured the needs of children of the Centre. And yet - a lot of equipment - for music, computers, medical equipment and equipment for the catering ... Totally can not be listed.

Since then, usually three times a year, and even more they are coming to Chernihiv.

-In England on a farm we rent free of charge a large warehouse where people bring things which they no longer need to use. Many good people in our country, and in yours as well have it but just, unfortunately, the charity has not become a priority among wealthy Ukrainians.

The British can look into the eyes of our sick children, feel their energy, their interest and, of course, immense gratitude.

Pauline and Alan have just returned from Chernihiv to their homeland. A few days later Pauline reported about their last trip to Ukraine - at schools, churches and various community organizations.

-I will convey them my emotions, my desires, my impressions and memories, she says. - I'm going home with the desire to make more for children of Chernihiv. And we are supported in this by our countrymen.

English charitable organization "Felsted Aid for deprived children" - the regional rehabilitation center for disabled children.

Every year they deliver to the Regional Rehabilitation Center 15 - 26 tons of humanitarian aid.

Each year, from 1.5 thousand to 3 thousand children receive gifts for the Christmas holidays, Children's Day, the Day of Disabled and stationery for first-graders and more.

Each year, more than 200 large, low-income families and families with disabled children are brought up, receive humanitarian aid from this organization.

Every year nearly 100 disabled of I - II groups receive assistance in the form of vehicles, sanitation, hygiene and others.

Some humanitarian aid (17-18%) stays for the needs of the regional center, the rest is distributed to social, medical, educational institutions and public organizations.

In recent years, 126 such establishments and 30 NGOs received charitable aid.

The organization provides partial funding vouchers for rehabilitation of children at the health institution "Rehabilitation Center" Revival". Free treatments are getting disabled children from Chernihiv region, Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts, the Autonomous Republic of Crimea.

During each visit to the Center, Pauline and her team always visit families in which seriously ill children with disabilities are educated, help them financially or help them solve immediate needs (to buy a washing machine, a bed for a child, etc.).

Each visiting the rehabilitation Center, they solve the immediate needs of the institution (acquire dishwasher, catering equipment, electric kettles and microwave ovens for living rooms, office equipment, repair minibuses for transportation of children and many others).

Due to the request of the organization involving Rotary clubs in London and Kyiv in 2015, the Center received a new minibus for transportation to rehabilitation of disabled children from remote districts of Chernihiv region.

As for future plans, the Pauline noted that cooperation with Dr. Pasichnyk will continue.

"Every time after visit to the Center I am bringing back emotions and references about more and more new children. We are always talking to people in England about the Center. It is the work of our lives. There is no day that we didn't work for Ukraine. "

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