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Monday, September 10, 2012

We have just returned from Chernigev on our latest trip taking 3 vans and 2 trailers and just over 5 tons of humanitarian aid. We had problems on the journey in the form of 3 punctures and a trailer malfunction.

The new building at the Revival Centre is now almost complete. It is a massive building which consists of 30 moduls which contain 1 twin room and 1 triple room with shared bathroom which will be used to accommodate children coming in for treatment from outlying areas of Ukraine. Actually the centre has had its first booking for a sick child from Poland! Whilst walking round on a tour of the new build we asked Dr P if there was anything which he really needed. At the moment there is one lady who does the washing up by hand for the children and she does 130 place settings at each sitting and he asked if it was possible to get a dishwasher.

During the summer the Kiev Duo accordionists played at both Felsted and Thaxted and raised approximately £900 which they donated to Dr P. Many thanks for all those who supported these concerts as after a whip round with the other drivers and using our emergency and own money we had enough to buy an industrial dishwasher. Secondly he asked us if we could help with curtains and curtain poles for 75 windows for the new building. We would like to buy the materials in Ukraine as it works out at £23.00 per window and ask if anyone would like to help us with this project.

We visited 11 families while in Chernigev. A Granny is living in a condemed converted work shop looking after her 9 year old Grandson whose parents have died. He is mentally disabled and they live in abject poverty, but she is trying to decorate their room with wallpaper although she has already fallen off the steps causing a nasty bruise to her arm. Igor, the 20 year old who we always see lives with his mother who has cancer and spends his life looking out of the widow whilst sitting on his bed played a simple game of passing round some playing cards to each of us. He cannot speak and when we had to leave he  bowed his head and cried.

We were pleased to meet out in Ukraine the Overseas Development Officer and Chaplin from the Anglia Ruskin University in Chelmsford. They are organising "Mission Ukraine" for 2013 for the students to go out to the centre to carry out various tasks to help both the centre and the community. They will include this annually in their curriculum for the students who are interested in overseas development.

There will be the annual Quiz Night held at the 'Room with a View' in the Rodings on 5th October. We are looking for people to make up a team if anyone is interested please contact us  07884 426551

We are off on the final trip of the year in early November. Many thanks to those who have donated finances and aid we really appreciate your support and hope you can continue to help us in the future.

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