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Thursday, September 1, 2016

Dear Pauline and Alan

The newspaper "Live with Hope" published an article about your last visit to the Center. Svetlana successfully completed the translation and sends it to you. If you will need to promote it among people, in October we will give it to you laminated.
With love and gratitude, Vasyl Natalia xxxxxx

Live with hope

"A lot of warmth, care, love and friendship ",- said British volunteer Joanna after visiting Regional Centre of social rehabilitation for disabled children.
This time, in the team of British philanthropists arrived Romeo, Richard, Bob, Tony. For the first time attended the Center teachers from Felsted school: Joanna, Kerry and Mandy. They are very well aware of the Center for many years their school provides charitable aid to our children. This meeting was preparing for a long time. It all started with video communication between patients of the Centre and school children of Felsted school and only this year they managed to embody a visit to life. English teachers came to share experiences. Most of them were interested in methods of rehabilitation, work groups, psychologists and teachers-rehabilitators. However, though most visitors showed interest to communicate with children and their parents.
Alan and his team have brought 4 cars and 2 trailers of humanitarian aid. Total 6 tons. As always - necessary things for children and for their rehabilitation. For the benefactors collecting humanitarian aid - is a huge job, but it's worth it when you see the joy on the faces of these children and those results they achieved during rehabilitation. It is important that aid abroad they gather with their families.
During the meeting sounded a lot of interesting information. The visitors were impressed by the results of the rehabilitation of children, their achievements. Also, the teachers of the Centre was taking interest in the possibility of English teachers about the British education system.
The children knew about the visit and were looking forward to seeing them. Together with teachers they prepared for the British rich and interesting concert program. "Welcome Friends" - is the name given to children meeting with British philanthropists. Pupils had a good opportunity to show their acting skills and ability. Funny and lively mood was caused by a variety of contests, involving both children and guests. There were poems, made children not only in Ukrainian, but also in English.
The main heroine of the holiday and the one who began it was Nastia Laletina - patient of the department of social patronage. It was her whom Felsted school students for several years were paying special attention. Nastia has talent and a strong desire to engage in ballroom dancing, but, unfortunately, her life is in a wheelchair. In order to fulfill the dream of this girl British friends a few years ago raised funds and donated her an easy and convenient wheelchair. Now Nastya is professionally engaged in dancing and repeatedly demonstrate her skills on the big stage. So in gratitude to British friends Nastya was spinning in her wheelchair together with her partner Maxim Hubenko on the dance floor, and impressed audience.
As the final chord of the action and as exciting for the children was an unexpected surprise from the British: Mandy, Richard and Kerry performed together with the national dance. With genuine interest children listened to the sound of live flute and beautiful melodic sounds of bells on the costumes of the English dancers. After the celebration in memory of the Center, Children presented to all benefactors gifts and words of sincere gratitude.
Philanthropists who for the first time visited had come, had a tour of the Center, showed the rest and leisure of children and how they use their charity. They examined the financial base of the Centre and were pleasantly surprised at what has been achieved in the current economic realities and the years of fruitful cooperation with international benefactors. However, hopefully added that understands how much work ahead.
As part of his visit, British friends visited families, who have seriously ill children and whom they provide material and spiritual support for many years. Such Activity over the years have become traditional. This time the British for the first time visited some new families of children who from theit birth are patients of Center "Revival".
It's nice that the hospitality and beauty of our city were assessed by English friends during the tour.
British philanthropists want to believe that the establishment of its warm family atmosphere and highly professional staff will work further for the benefit of children and local businessmen and MPs also be attached to this important activity.
Our children are always very happy to see their benefactors. They had conversations outside the Center. But foreigners brought not only material necessities, but also interesting programs, many were communicating with them, no less valuable. For several days children were discussing visit, they have a new incentive to do, seek to understand the world, to impress friends next time even more.


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