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Thursday, December 1, 2016

This is the translation of a letter from a family who we have supported for the last few years. They live in a two room flat with 10 children. The father is suffering from a brain tumour and has lost his power of speech. The mother looks after the children wonderfully and they are very polite and well mannered despite their poverty. It is a great honour and very humbling to be able to help them.


Hello our dear friends Lou, Alan, Pauline and everyone, who has been at our house and who didn't stay indifferent to the problems of our family!

We are very grateful to God that sent us such friends! Thank you for your care, presents and the most important - your prayers!!!

There is a saying: "It is such a wealth to have people who are praying for you." After such words I can only say: " Amen!"

Thank you for being with us and not forgetting us. Every time you coming you bring joy to our children. After that they remember you and everything what is connected with you for long time. Praying for you in their children prayers.

Many times I was thinking about how many such poor families in Chernihiv, in Ukraine. But God sent you to us, into our home.

That's why I'm asking for all the blessings to richly pour into your lives! Be Blessed!!!

Let God give you strength and abilities to support others.

Recently in our life has happened another miracle.

The doctor prescribed Anatoliy the tablets, but we didn't have funds to buy them. On Sunday evening we were praying and asking God to give us a decision to the problem which he sent us. And on Monday morning we were invited to Revival, where they presented us a gift from you - which was the answer to our prayers. We managed to buy medicine!

We are very grateful to the director and the staff of the Center for their constant care for us during many years.

For myself and my relatives I want to wish never to forget everything what God did for us through hands of each of you. And at any possibility help those who are more deprived.

And there is a message for everybody:
"Take faith and share it with those who don't have it.
Take hope and support with it those who started to lose it.
Take love and bring it into the world!"

Thank you very much for everything.
God save you!
With love,
Iseev's family

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