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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

We have just recently returned from Chernihiv, Ukraine...
...after a very fraught time of being without drivers for our second van and also a trailer due to us having to change the trip date at the last minute. Thanks to an article in The Dunmow Braodcast  newspaper we were fortunate to have two excellent volunteers in Richard Lockwood from Great Dunmow and Dave Brown from Sutton, Surrey.
We had a request from Ukraine a couple of weeks before leaving for help with a very sick baby which we were able to fulfil due to one of our supporters.
At a meeting with Dr P he was able to give us the figures for humanitarian aid which was taken in 2011 and who it helped.
12.6 tones of aid were delivered.
24 different organisations received aid including 6 medical institutions. 5 kindergartens. 5 public organisations and 2 other establishments and 17.7% of aid was for the needs of the Revival centre. Also during the year 2,256 children got presents from humanitarian aid for different holidays, state, religious, national and traditional days.
Also 69 poor families received aid.
139 disabled children received aid.
64 adult invalids received aid.

We would like to thank our many supporters through The Broadcast, without them non of this could have been acheived.

We are now working hard for the year 2012.

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