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Friday, August 5, 2016

We attended the 20th anniversary of the "Revival" centre in June 2016. We were pleased to meet many old friends and dignitaries including the Regional Governor of the Chernihiv Region, the Chernihiv Mayor, The British Ambassador and local government officials. We were presented with a Certificate of Gratitude from the Head of the State District Department of Chernihiv and interviewed for Ukrainian television. We had a great time.

Now its August and our feet are back on the ground with the latest convoy now at the Centre today 5th August 2016. This time we have 4 vans and 2 trailers due to having so much medical aid in the form of wheelchairs, walking aids, and crutches. Richard Lockwood from Dunmow has taken his own van for which we are very grateful. We also have on board 50 computers and laptops generously given by FKS School Felsted which has sadly closed down and Anglia Ruskin University.

Our next trip is in October and we are looking for colostomy bags with ointment to take out plus toiletries, nappies, washing powder, children's good clothes and shoes and disposable nappies and adult sanitary wear.

If you would like to help with the transportation of these goods which costs approximately £800.00 (depending on the price of diesel across Europe) for diesel, tolls and ferry please donate on Just Giving/Felsted Aid so that we can have the opportunity to claim Gift Aid.

Thank you to all our supporters you are all in the "A" Team!

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