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Friday, August 15, 2014

Dear Pauline and Alan,

We re very sad that Alan is not with us anymore. He was a wonderful man, benefector, who was taking others' pain and problem as his own and always wanted to help others. Our children were always waiting for the boxes which Alan and Barbara were preparing for them. He will stay in our memories forever.

492 pounds have safely and quickly come onto our account. Thank you very much! It's an essential help for Nastia. Because of the inflation in Ukraine 1 pound now - 21.5 hrn. So, in total - 10600 hrn. If you allow we would like to rise alittle monthly payment from 500 up to 600 hrn. This sum will last for 17 months. Do you aggree with this?

It's a pleasure for us that Jenny spend a wonderful time with George.
As to the humanitarian aid for the refugees from Eastern Ukraine. I talked to the Mayor's Deputy and he informed me that now we have about 100's such families in Chernihiv with lots of children. We don't know how many of them we'll have in Dec-Jan. Because, for example, families from Sloviansk went back home as the town is now free from terrorists. Our government is trying actively to help to organize their life.
Of course we all will be grateful for all the aid, because lots of people suffered from war. What is the priority? As usually, nessecary things for children and grown-ups: clothes, shoes (winter/summer), sanitary, etc.

The situation at the East is very difficult, today opendly passed our border the column of armored vehicles. This was recorded by the watchers from OSCE, English as well. Russian army can invade into Ukraine 'coz terrorists are suffering defeat. And Putin will never accept the defeat. We are not watching Russian channels, but we are reading on the internet how Russian propoganda gives total delusion to russians and they really believe that Benderivzi and fashists are ruling here. There was no such lie before in the whole world. Putin exceeded even Goebbels. The Humanitarian Aid from Putin - is provocation. This is only to support the terrorists. Russia didn't give the list of the aid into the International Red Cross as needed.
It's difficult to tell everything in the letter. But you should have no doubts that Russia is lieing. Unfortunately Ukraine is losing the information war, because everything was destroyed during Yanukovich time.

Thank you that you are with us
With love and thanks


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