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 Felsted aid Boy in Wheelchair

This is Vitaly whose mother was pregnant at the time of the disaster. All pregnant women were ordered to have a termination, but she ran away.

Vitaly has never walked and his hands have clenched fingers but he can still draw and knows all about cars, frogs and big game. His sight is failing fast now and his internal organs are closing down. We love him.


The lorry was funded by a supporter whose daughter had a tragic climbing accident and was killed.

The money for the lorry was funded from her estate by her mother.


The baby sitting on the table by his mother is unbelievably only 1 year old.

All the children are receiving rehabilitation, medication and social rehabilitation at the Revival Centre as they are the genetic results of Chernobyl and also the result of poverty.


Here are some of the children at the Revival centre using the computers and software taken out by Felsted Aid.

These are two pictures of the same boy.

His hearing is impaired. We were able to provide him with a hearing aid and the difference is remarkable.

As we say "A child's smile is priceless"