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A rehabilitation centre called the Revival Centre was established in 1996, with the help of the British people. It has taken six years to develop and equip, and has treated over 3,000 children. It is now a centre of excellence for the whole of the Ukraine, and recognised as a centre of importance by UNICEF.

It is based in the town of Chernigov and is run by Dr Vasil Pasichnik and his staff. A team of paediatricians and psychologists design specific programs of rehabilitation for disabled children with complex medical conditions. 

Felsted Aid Revival Centre 

It is a hospital / children centre / community centre and it is a valuable centre in the treatment of children in this area of the Ukraine. Children attend physiotherapy, speech therapy, dental treatment and a special sensory room has been installed.  Children learn using computers and enjoy music and dance whilst at The Centre.

The course of treatment is for 21 days at a cost of £112.00 per child.  This includes food and accommodation during their treatment, and all treatment costs.  The children receive a complex treatment of medical, psychological, paediatric and social help in the centre. Felsted Aid is presently looking for funding for 375 children.

We deliver the aid to the Revival Centre which is a rehabilitation Centre formed and funded with the help of the people of Essex.

Felsted Aid Revival Centre Work